The Perils of a Freelancer

Ouch, I couldn’t help myself.

Anyone who has worked freelance will likely identify with the people in this video.

And then there’s the one where there’s no longer any budget … oops, sorry, we already spent the budget.

No Money for Marketing

And for good measure, a couple of classic Dilberts. There’s nothing more frustrating than loosing a bid to a slightly less expensive competitor that is destined to disappoint.


The Future: A Network of Trillions

This is a short film (a fast paced preview of a larger effort) by MAYA Design created to put some perspective on the invisible but fast approaching challenges and opportunities in the pervasive computing age. For more information please visit: / practices / research

Really interested in the implications of a trillion-node world? Read Dr. Peter Lucas’s seminal white paper that not only predicted this sort of scaling and complexity but outlined some of the resilient patterns that we need to follow to get there from here. / portfolio / the-trillion-node-network

Matt Baier Organizing

I developed this site in its entirety for my brother’s professional organizing business. It is built on a WordPress platform with integration with MailChimp email marketing platform. The site is well optimized for local search and generates 75% of new business.

  • Personal and professional branding
  • Blog and Content Management System
  • Social Media Marketing
  • MailChimp Email Marketing

Killer WordPress Tutorials

I stumbled across this series of instructional videos buried in the Themeforest web site. The presenter, Drew Douglas, does a great job of progressing through all pieces of WordPress in real time. If you have at least a cursory understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, and PhotoShop this series will get you up and running fast with WordPress development.

If you haven’t already, check out the Themeforest web site for a wealth of theming resources.

Day 1: Installation

Installation of WordPress with a bonus of setting up a MAMP, or XAMPP development server on your desktop complete with web server, mysql, and PHP.

Tutorial reference links

Day 2: Basics

Explores the basics including the ins and outs or the WordPress Admin panel.

Day 3: Create a theme from scratch.

It’s easier than you may think.

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