Carousel WordPress Plugin

Here is my first WordPress plugin (Under Development (pre-alpha) as of 4/23/2009). It was commissioned by a client, and I coordinated development through a mysterious freelancer named EL. The code base for the carousel came from a Cnet who generously provide an Open Source MIT license.

As you can see I have a few CSS conflicts to work out. When the plugin is fully functional it will be made available to the online community via To be notified of its completion, subscribe to my RSS feed, or enter your email address to the right.

Update 5/3/2009: It appears as though we have worked out all of the conflict issues. I plan to release this later in the month. Feel free to contact me to request a pre-release version.

Update 5/15/2009: Stable version 1.0 released. For more information or to download, visit the WordPress Carousel Plugin page

[carousel name=’wpcarousel’]