Killer WordPress Tutorials

I stumbled across this series of instructional videos buried in the Themeforest web site. The presenter, Drew Douglas, does a great job of progressing through all pieces of WordPress in real time. If you have at least a cursory understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, and PhotoShop this series will get you up and running fast with WordPress development.

If you haven’t already, check out the Themeforest web site for a wealth of theming resources.

Day 1: Installation

Installation of WordPress with a bonus of setting up a MAMP, or XAMPP development server on your desktop complete with web server, mysql, and PHP.

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Day 2: Basics

Explores the basics including the ins and outs or the WordPress Admin panel.

Day 3: Create a theme from scratch.

It’s easier than you may think.

Day 4: Looping

Learn how to loop through arrays of information like posts and pages. There are lots of neat tricks along the way.

Day 5: More Functions

Divide a page with header, sidebar and footer files. Learn to set up a widget ready section.

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Day 6: WordPress Template Heirarchy

This session investigates the template hierarchy as well as an in depth look at the single.php file – the page the displays static pages.

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Day 7: Widget Ready Sidebar

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Day 8: Intro to Managing Comments

The presenter discusses how to create the form necessary for posting comments. Also, he shows how to insert  security checks at the top of an include file. And lastly he shows how to easily add avatars to comment posts.

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Day 9: Advanced Comments

Drew shows the advanced commenting options (threading, pagination, etc)  introduced in version 2.7, and how to upgrade older templates.

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Day 10: Create a Basic Plugin

Lots covered in this episode.

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Day 11: More with PSDs

This video demonstrates the process of translating a PSD design into a WordPress theme.

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Day 12: More PSD – Slicing

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Day 13: Styling WordPress

This session covers a basic reset, and coding the home page.

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Day 14: Styling the Static Page

Enjoy seeing lots of great CSS and WordPress tricks and techniques.

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  1. Thanks for the compilation, Simon. I wonder why Themeforest does not have a page with links to each day of the series. BTW, they keep adding new slides (I think they just posted day 15), so I hope you’ll keep your post updated. We count on you. 😉

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