How to Measure Anything

How to Measure Anything – Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business

by Douglas W Hubbard

This book is as interesting as its title isn’t. It’s another book I tend to reread every few years as it it packed with methods, perspectives on accuracy and significance, and counterintuitive insights. I learned the value of and techniques for making quick estimates.

The author rejects as lazy thinking the notion that intangibles can not be measured. How much is a brand worth? How effective is management? How satisfied are your customers?

Measurement concepts covered:

  1. Concept of measurement – The definition of measurement itself is widely misunderstood. If one understands what “,measurement” actually means, a lot more things become measurable
  2. Object of measurement – The thing being measured is not well defined. Sloppy and ambiguous language gets in the way of measurement.
  3. Methods of measurement – Many procedures of empirical observation are not well known. As one becomes more familiar with with some basic methods, it becomes clear that what you considered immeasurable … isn’t.

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