How to Measure Anything – Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business

by Douglas W Hubbard

This book is as interesting as its title isn’t. It’s another book I tend to reread every few years as it it packed with methods, perspectives on accuracy and significance, and counterintuitive insights. I learned the value of and techniques for making quick estimates.

The author rejects as lazy thinking the notion that intangibles can not be measured. How much is a brand worth? How effective is management? How satisfied are your customers?

Measurement concepts covered:

  1. Concept of measurement – The definition of measurement itself is widely misunderstood. If one understands what “,measurement” actually means, a lot more things become measurable
  2. Object of measurement – The thing being measured is not well defined. Sloppy and ambiguous language gets in the way of measurement.
  3. Methods of measurement – Many procedures of empirical observation are not well known. As one becomes more familiar with with some basic methods, it becomes clear that what you considered immeasurable … isn’t.

Published by Simon Baier

Simon Baier is a strategic marketer and business developer of co-owned businesses. When not updating his web site (which is almost always) Simon is building teams, solving problems, modeling financials, automating processes, learning new things, and imagining the next big thing. He also enjoys investigating NYC with epic early morning dog walks.

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