Financial Modeling

A financial model will give you a 360 degree view of your business, and will align executives, strategists, planners, employees and investors.

A financial model is a critical working document for any company whether a startup, or a seasoned operating company. Unlike standard GAAP financial accounting documents used for tax and investment reporting (income statement, balance sheet, cashflow), your financial model is a managerial accounting document that performs many critical decision support functions:

  • Forecasting cash flow & inventory
  • Add support to your pitch deck
  • Planning new distribution channels
  • Isolating critical growth assumptions
  • Validating proposed changes to a business model
  • Estimating funding needs
  • Illustrating use of proceeds
  • Connect detailed planning to big picture effect
  • Quickly visualize multiple scenarios
  • Cost-Volume-Profit optimization & visualization
  • Forecasting calibration
  • Pricing optimization

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