Tim Ferris, Kevin Kelly and the DAO

I listened to a great interview this morning on the Tim Ferriss podcast with Kevin Kelly – a diverse and prolific thinker and doer – a west coast hippie who founded Wired Magazine, recently published a book on technological changes coming in the next 30 years, and in his spare time works on databasing the […]

Crazy Sexy Wellness

http://crazysexylife.com http://my.crazysexylife.com http://shop.crazysexylife.com http://crazysexycancer.com During  2008 and 2009 I worked with author and film maker Kris Carr and her crew to help expand her personal and professional brand to the web, and to support her off-line publicity campaigns.  I was initially contracted to help grow the business and worked with client to formulate a workable […]