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Let’s build significant progress in your business over the next 90 days. 

I offer several packages depending on your needs, but all promise the same three outcomes (It doesn’t get any clearer than this):

  1. Clarity of Purpose – You and I will start this process by defining your objectives. And this is not the time to be shy – we will document worthy objectives that may sound impossible or optimistic, but trust me when I tell you that your only limitation the confidence you place within yourself. You will come away with clarity of purpose, clarity of mission, and clarity of the next most important action you need to take to achieve your objectives.
  2. Workable Action Plan – Success requires action, and not just your action, but actions from your support network. You would be foolish to do this alone, so cash in some of your chips and … create some new ones. Nothing happens without action, and I promise you that in 90 days you will be juggling the actions of multiple resources.
  3. Tangible, Measurable Results – nothing else matters. If you are not measurably better off after 90 days, then one of us has failed. I will not fail you, and my promise is to keep you accountable to your Action Plan. When you consistently take calculated action, life always changes for the better. 

BLUEPRINT for Success

  • BLUEPRINT: Take-off – for startup entrepreneurs (90 days)
    You will come away from this session with a high degree of clarity and feasibility of your objectives, well defined next steps, and the framework and confidence to move toward your business objectives.
    • Thirteen weekly one hour calls
    • Up to 8 hours per month support outside of scheduled calls
    • $1,250 for 90 days or $500 per month
  • BLUEPRINT Advanced – for struggling startups (90 days)
    If you are struggling, you need a strategic outside perspective that is not afraid call it like it is. Whether you need more or better customers, more or better finances, more or better human resources, you will complete this audit with clarity, vision, and an action plan for transitioning to profitable growth.
    • Review of your competitive positioning strategy, and value proposition
    • Full financial model, Business model canvas
    • Key stakeholder interviews
    • A complete, actionable project plan for the coming week, quarter, and year
    • $6,000 for 120 days, or $1,600 per month
  • BLUEPRINT on Steroids – for the impatient gunners who value speed plus competence.
  • BLUEPRINT Enterprise – for established businesses who need an injection of impatient entrepreneur in the organization.
Coaching Blueprint Service

Please feel free to reach out to me here online, by email, or call me at (646) 574-0812.

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