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I live in New York City with my lovely wife Jillian and our two amazing dogs. When I'm not eating, sleeping or walking the dogs, I plan and execute marketing strategies for small businesses.

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A few fun facts about Simon

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    I was not always a city slicker

    Although I live in New York now, and previously spent many years in Chicago, I was born and raised a simple country boy amongst the cow pastures and hayfields of Maine, riding horses and tipping cows.

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    I was educated in Oxford, England ...

    … okay okay so it was at a public school when I was eight years old… Equally impressive; I entered college in 1983, changed my major four times, took a semester off that lasted twenty years, and finally graduate in 2007.

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    I love animals ...

    … especially dogs, and especially my dogs: Bongo – half black lab and half gazelle – and Penelope – a Chiweenie licking machine who was rescued from under a bush on an island.

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    I dream about bell curves and confidence intervals

    I really struggled with math in schools, but now I read math books for fun. After struggling with a concept that at first seems beyond my capability, it clicks into to my hard wiring permanently, and affects how I perceive everything in the world moving forward. My true love is statistics – the math that perfectly describes imperfection.

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    My MBTI is INTP

    … known by “some” for their “brilliant theories and unrelenting logic – in fact, INTP’s are considered the most logically precise of all the personality types.” We are also the most humble of all personality types. … by far.

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