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I’m looking for a new opportunity!

I’m currently looking for contract or full-time work where I can add value as strategic marketer, data analyst, product management, or entrepreneur in residence. If you have a great idea for me (or know of one), call or text me at (646) 574-0812 or email me at simon@baier.com.

I am a cross functional entrepreneur, a strategic marketer obsessed with lean growth and evidence based decision making. I am numbers oriented, data curious, and an earnest, if not masterful, code dabbler. A highly curious lifelong learner, I developed an obsession with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the creation of value using data science.

When I’m not hard at work I’m usually traipsing around NYC somewhere with a camera and probably a dog or two.

I’m keen on Lean… and Optimization
… and Modeling… and baby goats

A few influential books …

The Startup Way

by Eric Ries

The Startup Way
The Startup Way

Picking up where The Lean Startup left off, Eric brings his entrepreneurial, innovation and lean startup principles to large enterprises including the US Government, and General Electric in a stunning 18 mo company wide rollout. I had a chance to meet the author and his GE collaborator, Beth Comstock, on the book tour.

The Master Algorithm

by Pedro Domingos

The Master Algorithm

I’m on my third-read in six months. This is an accessible overview of artificial intelligence which mixes history, functionality, limitations, promise, and implications of six families of algorithms, and how together they may point the way to general AI

Business Model Generation

by Alexander Osterwalder et al

The book provides great illustrations, pictures and meaningful graphs. It introduces a visual “business model canvas” and simplifies a challenging component of business plan development – the conceptualization of the model itself.